Fullspectrum has offices in West Sussex and is headed by Nigel Hutchings who has been working with Kirlian electro-photography since 1978. In 2010 Fullspectrum’s research and development team built the first large plate digitally enabled Kirlian camera, the JAK2000. This is now being used by individuals, in universities, clinics and design studios around the world.

    To further the development of Kirlian photography Fullspectrum set up the British Institute of Radiation Field Photography (BIRFP) (Now The British Institute of Kirlian Photography or BIKP) that now runs training courses and research projects throughout the world.


    Some years ago we found our Kirlian photographic skills and images in demand by designers and advertising agencies.

    This encouraged Fullspectrum to partner with RBphusion, a professional photographic and design studio, to share and create a portfolio of stunning electro-graphic images.

    The studio’s just down the M3 near Guildford. While we have an extensive photo gallery some of our stock images can be accessed from the Science Photo Library.

    Contact us for bespoke images.

    Nigel Hutchings and Richard Booth

We have since gone on to work with events companies, Television, PR and media organizations to create some memorable experiences for thousands of people. If you would like to use Kirlian electro-photography in your project we are the people to talk to so please contact us first.

Fullspectrum supplies Kirlian digitally enabled systems and offers technical support to health practitioners, shops, health centres and individuals wanting to use Kirlian photography in their work.