Bespoke Images

Bespoke images, comparisons and experiments.

Kirlian Camera JAK2000

We offer bespoke Kirlian images, comparison shots, before and after shots and experimental shots.

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Sample Comparisons


A commission for comparison shots of high vitality organic muesli (left images) sold in Waitrose verses a competitor’s muesli. Muesli circles photographed raw with Canon 5D Mk1V shown at the bottom. The Muesli circles were then photographed using a JAK3000 Kirlian camera with the same settings for each.

Vitality Bar

A raw vitality bar (left) and Kirlian photograph of the same bar (right) showing how full of energy it is.

Gold Pendant Jewellery

The gold pendants were compared after the right one was placed inside a pyramid for 24 hours

Click here to view a sample Kirlian comparison report (PDF)


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