Mind Body Spirit at the NEC, Birmingham

We had a brilliant time at the Mind body and spirit show at the NEC in Birmingham. Lots of people had their Kirlian photograph taken and read during the 3 days it was on. The positive feedback was amazing.

Not only was it an enjoyable experience for those that had their Kirlian photographs taken and for the readers Susie and Odette and Jaz our indomitable Kirlian camera operator but also many people found it very practical and useful learning more about themselves and what they could do to make positive changes in their lives. We will be back next year but we will be at the MBS at Olympia in London at the end of April next year so come and see us there too.

Photo Gallery

Kirlian Transformational Day

We will be having a Kirlian transformational day in Birmingham very soon for all those that asked if we would. Register your interest if you fancy a fantastic day of transformational Kirlian exploration which promises to have many practical applications to your life and it will be great fun.

You will learn how to improve your life with simple but effective techniques and we will use Kirlian photography to show you how these techniques help you live YOUR life, raise your energy levels and make you feel amazing. Get your shine on with Nigel Hutchings and his team in Birmingham soon.

We take our workshops all around the country so register your interest and we will make our best effort to come to a town near you too!