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    We are a progressive company that offers events & party organisers, Trainers, Coaches, Workshop and Seminar leaders a selection of mind expanding and thought provoking Multi-perceptual Tools of Exploration with personnel to run and manage them for you.

    Corporate and Private Functions

    Just tell us what you want and we will help you achieve it.

    We can offer a unique and interesting experience for your guests or clients. Corporate and private functions catered for.

    Kirlian Event Photography
    Kirlian Event Photography

Kirlian Electrography

Have you heard of the unique and interesting process known as Kirlian electro-photography. It can be set up anywhere and in many situations. It is a digital process that photographs an aura around your hands and then gives you an interpretation along with a glossy photo with large LCD screen for audience viewing. Did you know Kirlian photography is the most credible aura photographic system we have today.

Because our hand aura is holographic in nature it means that our hands give us a window into our whole body aura which contains lots of interesting and enlightening information about ourselves. Kirlian electro-photography has a small footprint with big attraction. Who doesn’t want to know more about themselves?  Every hand aura is as unique as a fingerprint. See your inner glow and see what is says about you! Find out using Kirlian electro-photography.