Transformational Workshops

With Susan & Nigel Hutchings Dip PCH, Dip HM, Dip HE (Steiner) Cert NLP

    A Day of Discovery

    A fusion of science and the senses

    This workshop has been designed to demonstrate through gentle practical application how you can improve your presence, increase your effectiveness and protect yourself from stress and tension

    Increase your energy

    Specifically designed energy raising and mindfulness techniques will be taught and Kirlian bio-field photographs will be taken during the day to assess your progress. This is a unique opportunity to see your own biological energy field in action and how it relates to what you think, feel and do.

    Colourised Kirlian Hands

A Brave New World

You will be introduced to a new psychological model that has the potential to free you from the chains of your past conditioning by connecting you to your authentic self. As you begin to understand yourself as a work in progress you will  see yourself in a new light. What we have become is not what we may be! Wake up your sleeping giant weary traveller and take your power back!

The insights gained from this new perspective promises to release you from many negative attitudes and beliefs that you may hold about yourself and others. You will learn a unique sensing exercise that develops your ability to live in the present moment and let go of the past.


    You will learn:

    You will learn:

    • Practical life skills that you can use to positive effect in many situations
    • How to let go of stress and tension
    • How to increase your influence and charisma
    • How to improve your focus and concentration
    • How to free yourself from worry and anxiety
    • Learn what it means and how it feels to raise your emotional intelligence

    What we will do

    We will engage in exercises designed to elicit specific state changes through raising consciousness and we will monitor the results with individual Kirlian photographs. We will look at how our intentions, thoughts and emotions create our inner reality and impact on our effectiveness. Come along and experience the powerful revitalising effect of a Kirlian transformational workshop.

    This promises to be both a fun and insightful workshop so come along and enjoy it with like minded people. Group leaders please contact us to setup a workshop in your area.

    Kirlian Hand Map

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