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    Kirlian Aura Readings for Exhibitions and Special Events

    Learn more about yourself with the aid of state of the art Kirlian Aura Photography and the interpretative skills of expert practitioners.

    Perfect for:
    Exhibitions and Trade Shows
Parties and Balls
Health and Wellbeing Events

    Electromagnetic Energy

    All humans generate a field of electromagnetic energy which can be translated into a visual image with the aid of special cameras.

    Varying colours and patterns are created and these can reflect your personality and state of wellbeing.

    The personal Kirlian aura image is generated by placing a hand on to a glass plate which is linked to a special camera.





This Kirlian image can be printed and a brief interpretation given as it prints. An A5 Kirlian self interpretation card is given so the client can continue the interpretation and discuss it with others.

Kirlian photography is often conducted around a monitor causing a little bit of theatre for the onlookers and an attraction for passers by.

Talks, workshops and Kirlian demonstrations also available.