Nigel and Susan Hutchings run Fullspectrum from their base in West Sussex. If you are interested in using some of the amazing equipment they have on offer as an attraction for your event they would be happy to help you stand out from the crowd.

    Exhibitions and Events


    This unique and interesting process known as Kirlian Photography can be set up almost anywhere and in many situations… read more

    Kirlian Camera Sales


    The Fullspectrum Kirlian Electrograph Camera – JAK3000  Fullspectrum’s digitally enabled Kirlian Camera… read more

    Kirlian Reading


    If you would like your Kirlian photograph taken and interpreted come to see us at Fullspectrum in Lindfield, Haywards Heath… read more

    Kirlian Training


    Learn all about Kirlian hand reading…enrol on our on-line Diploma course. NOTE: All students that wish to enrol on this… read more

    Talks Lectures Workshops


    Kirlian Aura Readings for Exhibitions and Special Events Learn more about yourself with the aid of state of the art Kirli… read more

    Events Organisers

    Tools of Exploration

    Fullspectrum has a variety of biofeedback tools to entertain your clients, customers or guests… read more

    Media Design and Advertising


    Richard Booth and Nigel Hutchings bring a bold statement and refreshing perspective to a range of everyday subjects… read more

    Kirlian Commissions

    Kirlian Commissions

    Fullspectrum is able to produce high quality electrographic images of almost anything. Great for all kinds of promotions… read more

    Kirlian Event Photography

    Kirlian Event Photography

    Have you heard of the unique and interesting process known as Kirlian electro-photography… read more