IFP Conference Celtic Manor Newport

Thanks to Nicola from Parmenion for inviting us to be the attraction on her companies stand at the IFP conference at Celtic Manor in Newport. We could not believe the interest generated by the Kirlian photography.

People were queuing on the stand to have their photographs taken and to be given a brief interpretation of its meaning. I think it was the most popular stand there probably because it was the most unique and technologically advanced entertainment in the room. Fascinating!

Photo Gallery

“We wanted an exhibition activity that complemented our corporate identity; a little different, a positive market disruptor through technology and full of substance.  The stress test was a perfect match.  It was fresh, popular and interesting to watch as people realised that its output was far deeper than they imagined.  It was run by a highly educated and knowledgeable couple and is probably best described as somewhere between horoscope, psychic and alternative healing.”

Nicola – Parmenion