Kirlian Reading

    If you would like your Kirlian photograph taken and interpreted come to see us at Fullspectrum in Lindfield, Haywards Heath.  Only 40 minutes from London and 20 minutes from Brighton.

    Just phone for an appointment to suit you.

    Kirlian Electrograph

    When you arrive for you Kirlian session, after introductions, we will take a colour electrograph of your HANDS to see what your energy balance is like after your journey. We will then spend some time interpreting your Kirlian electrograph and discussing our findings with you.

    Chakra Chart
    Colourised Kirlian Hands

      We aim to focus on what strengths you already have and suggest how you can develop these potentials further.  If we identify any disruptive energy patterns we will look for ways of transforming them in order to bring more energy and balance to your life.

      Kirlian Hand Analysis


        While your Kirlian electrograph can show fixed energy patterns, it can also reveal moment to moment changes, so after we have interpreted your first Kirlian electrograph, we will then take another to witness this first hand. Interestingly we find, that just by having a Kirlian electro-graph taken, energy levels and balance tend to improve. It is thought that the electrons stimulate acupuncture points on the hand, creating an electro-puncture effect. This in turn, helps the circulation of ‘Chi’ through the meridian subtle energy channels of the body.

        Positive Transformation

        At the close of the consultation, and after summarising our findings, you will be given a Kirlian electrograph interpretation map to help you investigate further, along with both your electrographs to take home with you.

        The Kirlian experience is a unique and enjoyable event which can be a helpful and effective process for positive transformation.

        Kirlian Hand Map

      By colourising the Kirlian image it is possible to highlight areas of significance that are not so easily identified otherwise. The layering and light density hot spots can easily be seen giving the reader more information to work with. The printed colourised Kirlian image is both aesthetically pleasing and contains a wealth of information not usually available.

        Kirlian Analysis


        If you would you like your Kirlian Electro-graph taken and analyzed telephone the Centre 01444 487736 and make an appointment to suit you or go here to buy a gift voucher.

        Unique Experience

        After your reading you will leave with your full colour Kirlian electro-graph and you will be given a self-interpretation Kirlian hand map to help you continue your understanding of your unique experience.

        Venue: Fullspectrum Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and Homoeopathic Centre, 33 High St, Lindfield, West Sussex. RH16 2HJ.Car parking at the rear.